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July 20, 2009

~My science book~

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This morning Cayden and I were sharing reading time on the couch. We finished Thomas On the Moon and Cayden ran to his room for another book. We have so many books on the shelf there have been days we have read all of them-one right after the other-really don’t know how as there are so many, but we did! He loves to read together. So he comes running in with his “science book”…(i must explain that everything big brother has, Cayden has his own version of it-including a “science book”…very cute!)  He plops down a (very thick book-in which he relates the size to Connor’s science book from middle school) in my lap entitled Bible for Pre-schoolers! He was so proud to find his “science” book and for us to read it made his morning! Now it is July 18th over a month has gone by since Connor, his big brother has walked in the door with an actual school issued science book-so it absolutely amazes me that Cayden remembers such an item.

a definition from dictionary




1. a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.
2. systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
3. any of the branches of natural or physical science.
4. systematized knowledge in general.
5. knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.
6. a particular branch of knowledge.
7. skill, esp. reflecting a precise application of facts or principles; proficiency.

art, technique, method, discipline.

I pray the Bible will be Cayden’s eternal reference of science-truth, disciplines, knowledge, facts and laws…what a reminder to me to study my “science” book!

As a mom in recent times i have been so set on making sure i am providing all that Cayden needs in the first five formative years that at times i have lost sight of one simple truth…be me, who i am in Christ, study the greatest study book of all and live out the Truth from said book- Cayden will get it then make his choice upon the proficiency and precise application of the awesome principles and facts located there. Obviously some of these truths are very close and personal to me from experience and others are on “faithfac”t-just believing in things “unseen” promotes hope.

Strife must cease and Life must begin…there is Hope!

“just be me”,  just be me”

So ask me what i’m reading…Cayden can find the book real easy!



January 29, 2009

~What i am reading~

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In particular, Ephesians 4…

“You were called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly.  You have One Master, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything you are and think and do is permeated with Oneness.”

I love the rest of the chapter, but this has really just been ringing in my ears and soul lately!

Chris copied a quote from Helen Keller recently, so i thought i would share it, because even though we as Christ Followers should all be One…it doesn’t mean we will all look alike and do everything identical, right? Right…

“I am only one,

But still i am one.

I cannot do everything,

but still i can do something

And because i cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something i can do.”

~Helen Keller~

also re-reading:

Jesus The One and Only (Beth Moore)

I am not addicted to Beth Moore studies by any means, matter of fact i have only read some of two different books she has authored, one was on the fruits of the Spirit and the other i am just reading through in full this time (Jesus The One and Only)

Various friends have mentioned that they feel as though they have lost their AWE or Wonder about Jesus, i don’t feel freedom to share my opinions why, but i do feel liberty to share some things from God’s love letters to us and from various books from time to time in hopes to remember it myself and fan the falame within me, but also in hopes to encourage, maybe share some inspiration with others!

So, i love the first part of the book where she just shares her humanity and how she feels inadequate to even write about the acount of the “GOOD NEWS” in the books often referred to as the gospels…She is very insightful and correct that she as is everyone technically inadequate in our own wisdom or understanding, but, throw in what God wishes to  place on the pages and all will be as it should be!

I am enjoying the journey through the pages of thinking about Mary and her feelings of being a mom (a young mom, inexperienced, mom to the most High-Jesus!) Yikes, the pressure she must have felt!

Anyway, the journey meanders down a path to remind us of Jesus’ humanity as well…(that in itself makes me wonder and marvel!) Just think, your parents load you(you are pre-teen age), so they load ya up and take off to your hometown to visit…ya go to church, your still visiting, they pack up have lunch or something and leave, not even noticing you weren’t on board the camel car!!!  Finally when they realize you aren’t with them, they turna round back track to all the places they saw you last and finally find you…calm(for the most part), reading and speaking with a bunch of adults! As a mom, i think, oooh, what would i have done? I think i would have tried to be patient and understanding…but fail by either raising a firm voice and make it all about me and how “worried” i was, “You don’t do that to your mama, young man!”, would have probably been uttered out of my lips! What would you have done? That is almost paddling material, ya know? Those of you who know us, know wecan’t stand for punishment measures of any kind, but when a child disobeys, it has to be an immediate action or reaction to correct the situation…wonder what the rules were at Joseph and Mary’s house?

The way he answered his parents and the way he handled the crowd was miraculous in my opinion, in most cultures, children aren’t listened to unless spoken to first anyway, so just that the folks were listening to Jesus is amazing to me! He simply asked, “Didn’t you know i had to be in my Father’s house?” (Luke 2)

Still reading, but just enjoying time to ponder, to remember things like angels visiting, being told you are having a baby! I remember each time i knew i was expecting one of our children, the awesome feeling and closeness i felt to God! I have felt so close to God ever since i was a little girl and asked Jesus to be Lord of my Life…but, when a little miracle was in my womb, i always remembered the verse that speaks of God knowing us even in our mother’s wombs!  Wow! That means God is in there doing that work and beautiful creation in His image, i wonder if that is why i always look better when i am pregnant? The “glow” everyone always comments on to a mommy to be…hmmmm. Didn’t Moses have a glow when he came off the  mountain from being with God and getting the tablets of commandments written? Oh well, it’s just fun to think about those things, i think!

August 4, 2008

…currently reading—again, and loving it…

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Loving the part about praying diligently, with eyes wide open in gratitude. The act of praying for doors to be opened for telling the mystery of Christ (being on mission or on purpose) here in the states especially is what has kept me awake at night for years now, ya know, making the most of every opportunity–to bring out the best in others in a conversation! Keepin’ it real!

People laugh when we share a specific story about our English bulldog Tiegra and how God used her to open a door to share His story with some neighbors…this is what i mean by making the most of every opportunity…I’ll share that here another day.

The Tangible Kingdom ( by Halter and Smay)…finally, something that kind of explains the Alford crew’s heart/soul’s longings…we could never fully explain our awesome God nor His Kingdom…all we can do is just be…God’s True Kingdom will “speak” for itself. No out loud thoughts from me right now, just eating and drinking from the book called Colossians in the Bible and for dessert the book mentioned earlier.


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