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September 27, 2010

~Family Update~

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What is that Alford crew up to these days?

Chris is Senior Pastor at Litz Manor Baptist Church here in Tennessee, assisting as Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Agua de Vida, a Latino congregation in addition to coaching young church planters in various areas of the country & world! I get the privilege of cheering him on, sometimes assisting with these coaching adventures, I love wearing the “Stay at home Mom” hat…although we technically just sleep at home some weeks!

We actually took a family vacation for the first time in years! We went to Destin, Fla.-got to see our cousins, take in the beach-the Chris had business in Orlando with the SBC, so we got to tag along and sight see and play at the resort like pool the whole week-very relaxing for sure!

The boys are busy with school, sports, youth group and children’s group activities in the community. Connor is 15 aspiring musician and yes folks watch out, he is driving! Cayden is 3/will be 4 December 10, he has an official back seat driver permit (ask Connor)!  🙂

We recently made a trip to Mexico to scout out future mission trip projects for our missions team to be a part of. We were so blessed to get to take this trip. Our friend and Director of Missions for our local association, Dr. Dallas Bivins along with his awesome wife Becca arranged the trip and off we were!

My first ever trip “abroad”!Our hosts Bill and Renee Johnson

Bill and Renee’s hospitality was amazing! The ministry God is doing through them is so evident in their community!

Chris brain-stormed with the missions team in Tulum, he also spoke the sermon in Spanish at a local church plant in Playa del Carmen! The worship there was so sweet! The people in Mexico are so hospitable, we had an extraordinary week mixing work with pleasure! A few highlights are below:

Chris speaking in Playa del Carmen

a tiny little creature in a volcanic rock tidal pool on the shores of Cozumel

On mission with the Hills, the Johnsons and the Bivins!

Lighthouse Church worship time, Pastor Terry Hill moved with his dear wife Debbie  from Alaska to be missionaries here in Tulum!

What to do from here?

Work diligently where we are planted here in Tennessee, enjoy teaching the boys how to be on mission here in the USA, and point their boats toward the Lord and His direction for their life! In everything we do, we hope to honor Him, we are so grateful for these life burdens, what a privilege!

What is the burden of your life? Please share so we can partner with you and journey in expanding His Kingdom!


October 10, 2008

~Ocoee Tournament Champs, TN~

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Go HVFC! ~Green and White~

Here is a couple of action pics of Connor then one of the team. They won the entire tournament a couple of weekends ago!

Connor is the one with green on and has the ball…skinny because he is so far away, wow he was keeping control of the ball that day…no one was going to take it from him!

Wish i had Lucas Brown or Rachel Anglen with me that day…too bad one of them just couldn’t live with our fam and document everything with their gift in photography!!!

Pushing the ball up the field for a pass, assist to a SCORE!!!

So proud of these guys!

September 3, 2008

~A Difference Maker~

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This is the TAP Newsletter with information about our most recent mission trip. If you are interested in missions and would like to know more about what God is accomplishing through The Americas Project, then email us or contact us with the info in green above. Remember there are available spots on the Trail Adventure for you and your team! Let us know if you would like a packet and want to join us on the 30 mile adventure~We would love to hear from you!

The Americas Project

3101 Browns Mill Rd.

Suite 6, PMB 400

Johnson City, TN. 37604

August 4, 2008

…returning from the “business trip”…

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On our way back home to Tennessee we stopped along the way to meet other friends who were traveling through the same area that we were at about the same time! They were headed back to Kentucky though. We had met these folks at a camp Chris spoke to a couple of years ago. We connected instantly with Alex and Gretchen. Keith and Melissa, some other great friends of ours that we have known for years now, were also able to meet up—they were the awesome coordinators of the event. Thanks guys!

So here are some pics—for the record, i am just thinking Starbucks needs to use that cute little baby to make a commercial! Maybe they could help out with the college fund—shoot, i would love some help with the diaper fund! LOL! ;-P


“Tutdo…chai tutdo mami”

very deserving, cleaning that floor was hard work!

his and hers…

Chai baby!

Cayden has already learned that flirting sometimes has perks…not the coffee kind of perk, but the chai kind!

Can you believe the lady barista brought him a whole new chai!?!

like father, like son…

chris tellin’ stories

Most good times have to end sometime, we had a blast! You should have seen us trying to get a pic of the Starbuck crew for 2008…this is the best one we got, but our “little munchkin” kept sneaking in the picture somehow!

Until next time…

July 22, 2008

…Detour from a business trip…

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Just had to share a few pics of a detour from a business trip. Chris had to return a rental car to the Atlanta Airport last week. We probably won’t be doing a huge vacation trip due to saving for a mission trip, so we took the opportunity to “get away” Friday all day and Saturday…

Here is a bit of a log of the events…

Approx. 10 a.m. departure from the Tri-Cities…Chris & Connor in the rental car with Cayden and I following in the ever so faithful Honda. Cayden slept the first 2 hours, so it was a pleasant drive. We stopped to get lunch and then back on the road again. All was smooth until we hit Atlanta…FYI—-PAVING going on 4-5 lanes of the 7 on I-75 and I-85, so we hopped on the 285 by-pass and of course there was a fender bender. I don’t like to see other people have to go through that especially on such a fast paced highway…So, of course that was a delay. We finally arrived at our hotel, checked in and unpacked-then Chris surprised us with inexpensive lower level outfield tickets to see the Atlanta Braves! AWESOME! But this meant getting back into the car…aggghhhh! More traffic….

All went well we arrived just in time for the game to begin…PLAY BALL!!!!

Special date for us two as we have been coming to see the Braves since—before we married!


Connor has been a fan technically since the womb, the first time we brought him to a Braves game was before he was 1 year old and before the new Turner field was built.

Chipper Jones-“batta, batta, batta…..

Saaawwwiiiing! Chip gotta double!

Cayden’s first trip to Turner Field July 2008

Little Brave too busy to pose with Mom-did I mention this guy can throw?

Although they aren’t talking to each other in this pic, This is Cayden’s buddy from the game-coincidently it was first game for both boys!


7th inning stretch…”Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park…”


‘Bout time!!!!


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