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November 27, 2011

~here i go thinking again…~

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So, yes…i do take time to stop and think. I often catch myself thinking on a topic too long. Have you ever done that? It is easy to do, ya know, dwell on a topic too long. What is worse is when i start talking about what i’m thinking.  That can get rough for sure! I have a friend who says i ramble. The same friend at least says i ramble with a destination- i eventually get there! Anyway, i’ve been thinking on prayer. What is the definition of prayer? It interest me that prayer is an avenue in which we can hear from God, however most people who pray are talking at God or to Him versus talking with Him having pauses long enough to listen to what He has to whisper to the heart.

How do you pray?

I long to get better at listening to His voice rather than my own. It seems more often than not that i am ready with a long list of thoughts, needs and wants versus a gratitude list revealing my awe, fear and respect of what He has already given! Even more so i should come more often in silence waiting, listening to what His thoughts are.

Maybe the scripture “Pray with out ceasing” I Thes. 5:17, actually means listen without ceasing…???

July 9, 2010


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With freedom comes great responsibility…am i disciplined enough or responsible enough, patient enough, kind enough…do i have enough self control? Well, i’m working on it…what a process!

I have the freedom to say or do just about anything i want…but i’m learning that true freedom is having the freedom yet not always saying or doing what i’m feeling…not easy, but WOW- the relief and inner freedom that brings is remarkable!  Some would call it maturity, some may call it avoidance or repressing my feelings, some may not even care…but in our heavily laden instant gratification society i find it (if i may once more use the word…) freeing!

Got freedom?

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