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December 18, 2008

~December 16

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~Be the difference

We must believe in our ability to have an effect on everyone around us. Every act of care and or love we do or even our negative acts make a difference in those around us.

We have soldiers who are single and have no real family to speak of, we have orphans (yes orphans in the US), we have senior citizens who have family that either can’t make it to see them in the assisted living home or don’t care to come see them…From emergency room workers, firefighters, to policeman, to EMT staff who have to work overtime during the holidays especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The challenge today is to think of a way you can encourage these workers at Christmas. For instance, take some hot chocolate and goodies to the local fire station or find our from our awesome policeman what the force needs to function properly (some fire/security departments are volunteer and and lack the equipment needed— like bullet proof vests, hats, gloves, stuffed toys for when they have a call and children are involved) find a way to donate a few item-ask them their needs and rally the community together to BE THE DIFFERENCE!

This is the theme for TAP (The Americas Project) in the US chapters this year, during the holidays this year and next we will make deliveries of the items mentioned above. Wanna be the difference with us? Post a comment on this blog and get us your email address or a phone # you can be reached at.

So many of you friends, family and contributors to our work and ministry have mad such a difference in our lives–without each of you, we wouldn’t be where we are on our journey.

Thank you for all you do and are to be the difference…to have that positive effect on everyone around you.


Matthew 2:14

When Joseph woke, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.

What a sacrifice to be the difference Joseph was an awesome example of doing what it takes, even when it probably wasn’t so comfortable and easy…i don’t know about you, but i don’t like to lose my sleep! Yet Joseph knew he had to obey and wanted to. When we want something bad enough we’ll do whatever it takes whether everyone else wants to be on board or not. This has really spoke to me and how lazy i get sometimes…i say i want something yet sometimes i give up so easy. Don’t give up! Keep pressing on, make a plan and stick with it…Guard your heart and just do and be what you are designed to be…

December 8, 2008

~December 6, 2008~

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Host a Tree Decorating Party! Invite friends and neighbors over for an afternoon and ask that they bring one ornament each. In return, provide some snacks and or hot cocoa to enjoy while you admire the finished product. Better yet, call up an assisted living home in your area and take your snacks, your group and your ornaments to help decorate the residents common area to give them something festive to look at, it will be an encouragement to them to see friendly fresh faces coming to visit them as well!

Luke 2:7

and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

A year ago at this time our family was staying at the “Bostrum Inn” as we so affectionately called it! My parents hosted us for what was supposed to be a six week stay turned into a six month stay as we searched for housing. Cayden was a very small baby at the time. I thought being without a home of our own was so difficult. Imagine Joseph and Mary’s struggle when they were housed in the main room where the animals were kept.

Still, Joseph and Mary stayed to fulfill their duty to the law of the land (everyone had to go back to their “hometown” for a census of sorts)

All the while, Joseph and Mary were fulfilling prophecy told long before-you can read about that in the book of Isaiah…


September 3, 2008

~Alford update~

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If you check out other posts on this blog, you will be able to see more pics of the Alford Crew, so this is just a general update to keep you informed.

~Chris is still coaching businesses and churches while raising funds to support our “missions habit” ;-

~Returned from Peru in April-an awesome trip for TAP!

~He is currently looking for new contracts, so please pray specifically about that and please pass along his contact information if you feel so led to business or church start ups. In the midst of all this, he has been asked to speak on the topic ofleadership at a local college. A few others have approached him about speaking, so he may see if that is something that fits for the family. It wouldn’t bother me and i think it is a niche he has. (

Connor is a full time student-8th Grade- doing well so far in all subjects…hope that lasts throughout the year ahead! He is making friends and has been accepted to a traveling competitive soccer team for our city! Mama is so proud of him if ya can’t tell! His coaches are awesome and all the families involved are great!

the team after the tournament

Several of you have asked recently how you can pray specifically for us so here goes—

As a family, we need prayer for protection, health, finances (salary-insurance)…Chris’ current coaching position is changing so things are uncertain there in a way. God is a good God, He doesn’t always play “safe” as we humans sometimes define it, for this i am grateful yet at times i feel so stretched.

Remember Connor and his mission V2R (Vision to Reality—youth for Christ), also, his mission field of school and the competitive soccer team.

Cayden continued health and prayer to get through the big separation anxiety phase…some how Connor skipped this stage!!!!!! Cayden will be starting a Parent’s Day Out group after Labor Day we think this will be a blessing to Cayden and me–

Please pray that Chris will not get overwhelmed with all he has on his plate, but that he will keep pressing toward the mark. Pray that i will have energy to edify and honor Chris, to remember who i am in Christ and remember it is right and perfect for me to minister to my family first-even though i see so many other needs for others. A house, if it is what God wants. Our lease is up in December here…we hope the owners will then allow us to go month to month as our funding grows and we save more for a house.

There are leaders in each area of the tri cities here that could use prayer…for wisdom and strength, long suffering, new evangelistic (or extension) ideas tailored for this area. We are realizing more and more that there is a lot of “church hurt” healing needs to go on for some here in our neighborhoods and for some who are checking out Radius Tri Cities.

radius in the theater

nursery time w/Rick, Patti and Connor

Chris has done a great job of setting up and letting go of control— allowing others who are gifted to step up to the plate and just go with it. So now he is in a Pastor mode for those leaders and their wives, but also seeking out a new band of brothers here and in other areas of the Americas to lead, equip and release. He amazes me at how focused and determined he is to obey God’s call for him in being more missional (and i don’t mean overseas mission definition, i mean everyday living for God on purpose and how that relates to our culture today)-more Christ’s character just flows out of him. Obviously he is still human, but Chris is really coming into a rythym of grace, this brings to me a desire to be a better follower of Christ, a better wife, mom and friend.

Our TAP missions team is doing well, some are raising support so we are praying for Dad to continue to open and release from His storehouse of treasure to fund this call and passion. Momentum is starting now that the guys went to Peru, so we think Rick and Patti (one of the missions couples) will be headed out again for another short term trip-hopefully by January. Check out our TAP website for more info., also on this blog there is an entry called ~A Difference Maker~

*******Thank yous!*******

Our faithful financial and prayer partners that we know of in SC, TN, WA, OK, NC, VA, NY,FL, Chile, Peru, Venezuela~

We currently have about 33% of the moolah we need for our trips, church plants, etc. to Peru, Venezuela and Chile. In North America we are praying for a couple of areas in SC, FLA, TN and more. We have potential trips to Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala in the next few years. We would love for you to come with us or be a difference maker just by partnering with us.


We desire funding for future mission trips and church plants in North, Central and South America.

Always need prayer

More team members for Radius Tri-Cities, Radius South Carolina, Frazee Center in SC.

A house ?-? lease is up in December

There is so much to share. Please email or call to share your stories when you can. We will do the same as it may just be how God puffs air under all of our wings to keep pressing on for Him.

If you are new to this blog and our family or if you are just now able and feel called to contribute/partner with us in ministry, email us an we’ll get you plugged in to the adventure! What a difference we can make!

Hugs to all who happen upon this entry…

Kristina for the Alford Crew

~A Difference Maker~

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This is the TAP Newsletter with information about our most recent mission trip. If you are interested in missions and would like to know more about what God is accomplishing through The Americas Project, then email us or contact us with the info in green above. Remember there are available spots on the Trail Adventure for you and your team! Let us know if you would like a packet and want to join us on the 30 mile adventure~We would love to hear from you!

The Americas Project

3101 Browns Mill Rd.

Suite 6, PMB 400

Johnson City, TN. 37604

August 14, 2008

Please Pray…

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Our family is privileged to know and be friends with a couple, Michael and Carla. We met at Radius Church in Columbia/Lexington, SC. Michael at the time was being shipped out overseas and Carla would be at home with out him. Since Chris was military when we first married, i could kind of relate with Carla and things that she may be feeling and have to go through in Michael’s absence…so i hoped to get to know her and encourage her during His time away. I’ll never forget how inspired i was to hear Michael get up in front of everyone on a Sunday morning and share his testimony and passion for the men and women he would be serving with in the war…he considered it to be his own personal call to the mission field! Carla was so supportive and God gave her strength through it all, Michael came home and ended up having to serve one other time, and yet again was brave through and through…again, i was so challenged personally just being in their presence. I remember my goal was to be there for her, to lift her up…it turned out that she blessed me! A special friendship was born I would point Michael out to Connor our oldest son and share how he was a man that God had placed for him and other men to watch and take notes from…and Carla was a lady he should observe as he searches for a Christ following woman…Chris and i will do that from time to time to encourage Connor in growing in his journey with God. We believe Connor needs to respect and pay attention to other men who are living out the same values that we have so that we aren’t his only mentors and friends to look to and share life’s struggles and joys with.

Anyway, Michael and Carla were part of the reason Radius ever began and took off in SC., and their support for Chris and i as we were sent out by God to plant Radius in Tennessee was phenomenal. Carla and i have stayed in touch, but not near as much as either of us would have wished. We actually thought our kids would grow up together… She is one of those gals if you don’t speak to her in a month, you just pick up where ya left off the last time with out skipping a beat…Our family has been so grateful for their friendship first, especially their prayers for our family and support Radius in general–they understand vision for God’s Kingdom to grow…

i am writing now as there hasn’t been time to blog since we received request to pray and have other prayer warriors to pray yesterday that Carla had been taken to the emergency room due to passing out…and long story short, she had turned for the worse and was on a ventilator etc., i can’t tell you how shocking this is for everyone, but please pray for this family. I know they know our awesome God and i know they are leaning on Him, but i ask you to pray for strength and peace that God promises as before i could publish this, i received an unwanted phone call that Carla just went home to Heaven…

Our hearts are heavy and i can’t type anymore right now, please just lift this family and trust God to shelter Michael and their sweet daughter with their precious family under the shadow of His wings.

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