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October 31, 2008

~Until Heaven My Friend~

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Time past and present

Friends have come and gone

to try to find one like you, there are none.

None who think, smile or laugh like you~

None who care and love so true

In sweet abandon you gave your all.

Your light, your salt, your selflessness,

You put aside lack of faith and prejudice

In it’s place was Pride and total Faith in the ONE who saved us~ who heals us.

When i wandered if you would accept me for me…you did!

Did the friendship grow? …it did!

Could one or a few people really make a difference? …you did!

Now there is Praise to the ONE who made us.

Will we meet and share again one day? …my sister, we will!

Will our friendship continue? …eternally, it will!

My friend you are missed.

Until Heaven my friend, Kanika…Thank you for the hugs, the laughs and acceptance-the love, the light, the salt, a specific leg of the journey i will always cherish.

~your eternal friend, Kristina Alford

May 20, 2008

~the lilly~

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The modest rose put forth a thorn,

The humble Sheep a threat’ning horn;

While the Lilly white shall in Love delight,

Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

~William Blake

April 5, 2008


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The #1 tool of the enemy to attempt to steal, kill and destroy our Joy in life is…


Go to my friend Evette’s blog read about a real event, a heart~breaking truth…

Many folks in this country think that the end of slavery also would eventually abolish racism, some feel it is gone…what a lie. My soul is aching about what happened to our friend and her family, please lift them and others who still endure this awful and unacceptable behavior on a daily basis…

Please do what you can do to encourage others to not behave this way~~~

One person can make a difference, Evette is one person and she has already made a difference in my life…

I didn’t know a question could be described as beautiful, but here is a question that merits the very description of beauty to me. I recently ran across it in a book by Joan Walsh Anglund

An apple is red,

the sun is yellow,

the sky is blue,

a leaf is green,

a cloud is white…

and the earth is brown.

And if I ask you, could you tell me…

what color is love?

~Joan Walsh Anglund

The opposite of deception is Truth–someone i know said that He was The Way, The Truth and The Life…i want everyone i know and don’t know to meet Him and make Him their friend…

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