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August 1, 2009

~Sweet Simplicity~

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Is it wrong to desire simplicity?

A simple life is described how by you?

For me, you ask?  Seems that i am learning the simple things of life are very complex…so complex that one can only explain that God is in control of it or was behind the creation of it…Most of these simple things are what make me come “alive” inside.

For instance:

The warmth of a single ray of sun landing on a cheek, reminding one that she is radiant, wanted, desired to be around.

A single drop of rain landing on the tip of one’s nose tickling the senses, signaling the body to breathe in that specific holy aroma…in sweet abandon a downpour of love from the Heavenly Father.

A cushion of sand and dirt formed underneath with toes tingling, anticipating of the salty ocean awaiting to soothe and heal- His presence is near.

A gentle hand laid to rest upon my own with affirmation He is with me always, he will never leave…that simple…never leave.

A smile of contentment upon the echo of a child’s laughter, returning one’s heart to the scene of Grace-Grace in crimson flowing as a drape covering, even erasing all complexities and bondage of sin…the freedom love holds

Acceptance within the hug of a faithful friend…one who knows just how complex we are yet recognizes the reach for such sweet simplicity.

A kiss, instead of betrayal… a kiss spurring passion, patience, peace that passes all understanding…a certain place of bliss…hope…sweet simplicity.

~kristina alford~

June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my man!

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I love you Chris Alford!

A little while ago you made your debut!

God was telling your parents, “I love you”

Tiny you were as you came so early

In heart and might tiny you were not, surely

God knew it then and He knows it now

although i will never understand how-

He was designing you for people like me here on earth

although only through His son i am of any worth

to share in His creation

In His perfect image i find a heart and soul so kind

He made you for His glory,

-somehow in all that He chose to also make you mine!

On that day a little while ago, I wonder at the delight He must have known-

to make you as you are then let go and get to watch you grow.

The man you have become makes me desire to be closer to Him, to be a better woman, a better mother, wife and friend.

to show my gratitude to Him for sharing you with me…

i hope He allows me the joy of wishing you Happy Birthday for eternity!” ~Kristina A.

I love this journey we're on! So glad you were born and still with us! (photo thanks to LucasBrownDesign)

January 1, 2009

~On the Seventh Day of Christmas~

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My True Love gave to me;

7 Swans a swimming…

There seems to be more gifts in the Holy Spirit then generally mentioned when referring to this song, but here are the common ones that most suggest to place here.

So 7 Swans a swimming reminds me of strengths or gifts given to us not in our power, but in the Holy Spirit. When Jesus ascended into Heaven after His resurrection, He spoke of One He would leave for us, for teaching and comfort…guidance. This is the Holy Spirit. When He is reflected in us others may see one or various gifts listed below in addition to other attributes of a true Christ follower.

wise counsel

clear understanding

simple trust

healing the sick

miraculous acts


distinguishing between spirits

(These are mentioned in I Corinthians along with others, when i researched twelve days of Christmas these are the main ones mentioned for some reason)

Blessings For Your Year

You are one, one of my friends.

You are one, one of His. All that has happened in the past, the good, the bad, will it last?

Did you do your best, did you love all you could?

If He were here, He would…

Thirty three years is all He had, or was it eternity? Eternity through you and me?

Who we are and what we do can bless His name without glory or fame;

or it can bring much sadness and shame.

Blessings of joy and happiness be yours no matter what, but…

Please make a difference to others as you have to me, just be…

Be who you are meant to be.

Choose Life, choose Love, choose Eternity and Joy… for you are one, you are worth Jesus to God.

You are His, you are one, your my friend, chosen to represent God’s own son.

Joyful New Year,


December 8, 2008

~December 5, 2008~

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Playing a bit of catch up on the blogging! Chris and i were at a wedding in beautiful Blowing Rock, North Carolina this weekend, as Chris officiated the ceremony of Clint and Lisa, some friends of ours, therefore several posts will be posted today…Here goes!


Send out cards (be a little green-if at all possible) maybe send some ecards to family, friends, neighbors wishing them a peaceful and joyful holiday. Be as creative as you like and your budget affords.

Matthew 1:24-25

When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.

Joseph was a very obedient man…as in love as Chris and i were and are, i can’t imagine not being able to be with him after we were married! Joseph waited though, wow!

How patient am I? I like to think i am a patient person, but ya know when i look at Joseph and Mary, i have a lot to work on. In life right now, i am constantly asking and feel like i am constantly waiting for God to work certain things out for our family…i was talking to one of our mission team friends today and sharing how i sometimes don’t understand why God calls us to certain tasks and then waits sometimes for years to make it happen. A wise woman she was when she shared she had thought the same things before and all she can figure out is that it is a sort of boot camp time for our team right now. Great insight! Just as God had a perfect way and perfect timing for Jesus, His son to be here on earth, He has just the right process and way that He wishes to carry out some things through each of us in our every day lives.

For instance, when i lose my keys (btw-i really don’t lose them, i just “misplace them” from time to time.) I have stormed through the house or where ever i think they may be picking up stuff and frantically-even impatiently expect them to just appear…only to find them exactly where i placed them…usually by this time i am running late, so i start to hurry fearing what people will think if i am late to what ever function i am headed to.

—THEN—on the way to where i am going, i pass a car finder-binder…somehow i have enough clarity in my heart and head to hear and feel a “you are welcome, that could have been you—but i didn’t want you to be inconvenienced with that cost and hassle as i know you are low on funds right now” or “i love you my daughter, i am with you always” ya know things like that make me  realize once more just how finite i am. It dawns on me once again just how perfect God is in His timing, and how glad i am when i allow Him to be in control…not me!

So go ahead send out some Merry Christmas or Holiday cards… you never know who is waiting to feel a warm sincere prayer or wish for their holiday. Someone around you just may need to feel important…that gut feeling (may just be the Spirit telling you to send a card or gift)

oh, and that name that was just whispered/ placed on your heart) may just be the person you need to take a card to, a person struggling to believe that love is real and that they mean something to some one.


Take a moment to reflect when you have felt important or special…

Imagine all the intricate details that God had to work out for that one specific time…

The orchestra of people being willing to obey the prompting in their gut or heart, maybe not even having a clue the benefits that others may have from their simple act of obedience…

You make a difference in the life of others every day whether you realize it or not…thank you for making our family better by just being you! I hope this post and poem written by Kristina, will be considered our Christmas greeting from us to you. Thank you for your love, support and care through the years.

Lights are being hung,

Songs are being sung,

One star shown bright

One flock of sheep being watched

One choir so elegant

One God so Holy

One Spirit so Devine

One Savior-One Son,

to bring true Love for all time…

~From our home and hearts~

Blessings to you and yours this Merry Christmas and always!

The Alford Crew

Chris, Kristina, Connor and Cayden Alford

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