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February 22, 2009

~time(Cayden update)~

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Where does time go?

Something happened on Thursday that our family once again wasn’t expecting…Cayden our sweet 2 yr.old was admitted into the hospital after an ER visit revealing he had pneumonia! In a way i am still speechless, but obviously have enough to say to recount the events here for all who keep our family and the ministry in prayer as God works through us here in TN.

Mimmy and Doodlebug!

Mimmy and Doodlebug!

Wednesday was a normal day except Cayden had a runny nose. Nothing gross or major just a little drip here and there. (He often does this with teething so i didn’t think too much about it.)  Wednesday evening we hosted small group because the awesome couple who normally hosts were in Vegas for a photgraphy convention.  Cayden ran around and played like normal, except now he seemed to have a cough.  The cough kept getting heavier so around bed time it was triaminic time, i thought sarcastically, “great we have a cold and didn’t know it now all these sweet people are gonna get it too!” “What a pain for them!”  All seemed well,  a little after the medicine kicked in the final guest left, i heard him cough once before i drifted off to sleep and it seemed smooth sailing from there. Not so! Poor baby woke up around midnight and was not comfortable at all!  This child is like his Mama, he like his sleep, enough said…so for him to up calling for us and wanting to sit/sleep with us i knew something was up, in particular his temperature was.  Tylenol took care of that for a while as he and i slept upright on the sofa most of the night.  It seemed as soon as we got to sleep he would wake up with the fever spiking.  Next morning he just was not himself so i watched him closely his fever would only go down with tylenol then he started breathing heavy.  We have a new insurance plan for the boys so i had been attempting to get an appt. with a local Doc here and of course there is/was mucho “red tape” as they say. SO, i had a plan in my head if he were not any better by the time Chris got home with the car we were going to the ER.  You guessed it, we were in the ER within 30 minutes…thankfully.

Cayden had a fever of 103.5 and was using all kinds of muscles to breathe—it was some heavy/rapid breathing going on, i was so nervous for him! Within the hour he had been given fluid and antibiotic in an I.V., Motrin, along with an albuterol pediatric dose of a breathing treatment, and all started looking up.  He was so tough as Alford men are, but so, so sweet and calm (he kept talking about ladybugs, birds and butterflies for some reason). Of course the I.V. hurt but he sat there still with the saddest little cry, i wanted to cry, but something helped me be tearless for him although my insides were turning inside out! Odd thing was the RN who placed the I.V. was a classmate and friend from middle school who just so happened to be the nurse who placed Chris’s I.V. four weeks ago! She is fantastic at her job and just as beautiful inside and out as she ever was…even in that i think God was comforting my aching heart for our little guy…having confidence in someone knowing they are good at what they do, it’s all about trust.

Cayden was up eating saltine crackers and drinking a bottle of gatorade and water.  He would say, “I have a boo, boo. I have a hurt. Kiss it please.” A side note- we have been working on manners, please isn’t as common as thank you, so it was so cool to hear him say please-

He sat so good on the bed and behaved so well, i thought he might get out of sorts a little, but he was a trooper for sure. At one point he was admitted as mentioned to the hospital-not just the ER, but then a great pediatrician much like one of our favorites in SC., who is now retired, came in to examine Cayden. To our surprise and his, he said, “It looks like you may be going home.”  Cayden’s progress was noted and he was above and beyond where they thought he would be in just a few hours.  The x-rays revealed a slight patch of pneumonia on right front lobe of his right lung, so we were given two Rx and discharge papers…yeah! home sweet home! He was so glad to be in his bed, it was adorable to see him cuddle up with all familiar to him…i think this is how i will be upon my entry to Heaven, just give me Jesus’ or God’s arm and i’m good!

Cayden is up and doing things more normal for his fun and busy little character so of course this makes us smile. He had a follow up appt. the next day where his O2 levels were still doing wonderful, he was coughing less as well.  Needless to say we are pleased with his progress and with the great care he/we received while in the ER and hospital yet again.  Another great blessing is our new Doc!  It is so good to finally have a Doc we trust that is close to us!  The closest one we had whom we knew from living in the area previously was in Abingdon, VA., approximately 45 minutes away…

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, CALLS, VISITS, TEXTS, WELL WISHES  SENT TO US IN ADDITION TO THE PETITIONS GONE TO THE FATHER IN PRAYER ON OUR BEHALF… again all was/is felt-God kept His promises and we are ever so grateful.  the hope we have as a family is that each of you experience the same strength from our requests given to him on your needs and wants( thank you for keeping us informed on your lives, your family and your churches as well.  In life it is good to know and feel you are not alone and that all are part of a grander picture/masterpiece than we could ever imagine. )

Blessings, Faith, Hope and Love be yours always…we love you guys!

Kristina and the Alford Crew

Well, this was our end of the week drama…hopefully things can be more calm for a while now…

January 31, 2009

~Update from Thursday Doc visit~

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Hello again!

Just a quick note as promised, to share the news from yesterday. Chris visited with Doc. B. (kidney specialist follow up from hospital stay)

Two tests were done specifically for kidney function and various hormone levels observed a couple of weeks ago…these two tests took two weeks to get results, so we were informed that one test came back just fine and the other test needs to be conducted again next Thursday or Friday as Chris’ blood work from the hospital stay as well as the blood taken on Monday of this week came back with the creatnin(sp?) levels were abnormal…not enough to worry supposedly, but since both times the tests were done showing something a bit off–the very thorough Doc. B. is repeating the test to confirm deny that Chris may have an adrenal gland over acting or spazzing out a bit from stress or damage from the high bp levels.

The odd thing about the timing of both tests is that Chris was fairly dehydrated both times they were done…( on day one after Chris had gotten sick in the triage unit and passed out, then this past Monday he had a bit of a stomach bug and had lost quite a bit of fluids all day Sunday and Sunday nt./Monday early a.m. hours—this is why Dr. B. wants to redo the test to see if the reading is more normal when Chris is more hydrated + by then, the bp meds and all will have had time to calm or start to calm the pressures enough for some of the organs that were kind of damaged or overworked—to chill a bit and maybe “heal” somewhat.

So we are praising Jesus for such good results! In a way we are concerned, but feel confident since it is determined so far that there are NO disease diagnosis etc.!!! The worse case scenario seems to be as mentioned before that a gland could be overreacting and if it continues to be a factor in bp levels to spike then this means the “mini” gland somewhere in or near the kidney may need to be surgically removed. We are obviously praying specifically that all will calm down, heal and function the way God designed it to, but we will take it one day at a time and depend on Him to reveal whatever He needs to about Himself or Chris’ body that is needed.

We have continued to be so encouraged by all gifts of encouragement, prayer, visits, cards, emails, texts, calls etc. We are truly blessed to have friends and family such as you! Again, please pray for the dates and specifics mentioned above as you feel led, we will be so grateful. For now just praise with us…He is soooooo worthy!

Kristina for the Alford crew

January 26, 2009

~1/26/09 update~

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Today’s appointment went well, we feel as comfortable as one can with a new primary care Physician…Chris’ bp levels have been that of a teenager since Wednesday and today was the lowest levels of all! So far he is off one of five Rxs! He has an additional appt. with the kidney specialist we met and spent a lot of time with in the hospital-we meet with him on Thursday and are in prayer that he will report that Chris’ outstanding tests will come back also that all is well just as the previous major test llike the angiogram conducted in the hospital…his potassium was low in hospital, it was checked again today, we should hear those results by Thursday at the latest as well.

From chatting with his PCP, it looks as though he will be  on four various bp meds for at least six-months, unless of course Dr. B removes one or two off the list on Thursday.  Various research has led us to understand that three meds in small dosages are better than one pill with a lot of punch…so, we are going with the flow and right now thankful Chris can go back to work-light duty and in warm temps, but he can go…unfortunately we have also been told cold temps cause blood vessels constrict and blood pressure raise therefore, we are hoping the houses under construction that Chris’ crew has been assigned to will be enclosed with heat in them so he can do mostly finish work and keep working! on that note, we have been so blessed to have another gift given this time from some folks here in the RTC group! Enough to cover about a week of work! Hope i don’t sound like a broken record, but, thank you all so much, you know who you are and so does our faithful God, i’m sure it is He who touched your heart to love on us in that way on top of all the prayer you have lifted for our needs already, and the fact that you listened and gave so selflessly has surely touched His heart as well…thank you.

Several of you have asked what to pray for specifically—It would be nice if they would just say “Mr. Alford,we don’t know how, but you are healed and perfectly healthy, now go take care of yourself!” so you can pray for this— This may happen, but for now, I guess a specific prayer request is still along the preivous lines, of this update… that we would learn how to treat it all effectively with minimal invasiveness to normal daily activities and that the ideal workplace will surface for Chris as he searches again around here (i think he really desires to keep working for Master’s Touch construction, he really enjoys his crew,  his bosses and believe it or not the work too!) So, if it is best, due to stress of cold on the body and income being so low right now—we are praying for support to raise, a different avenue of income or for the RTC church start ups to be able to give him a stipend of some kind in the near future due to steady and faithful growth! However God wants to work it we are fine, we’re just once again doing our part but in a way waiting… thanks ahead of time for lifting these specifics up to Him, we know and believe He is at work.

I hope to post another update on Thursday, hopefully one with even better news…

Love you all lots!

Kristina for the Alford Crew

January 23, 2009

~Update on Chris~

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Thank you so much for connecting with us and of course connecting with the One worthy of all praise on our behalf!  So far all we know is that almost every scan/test that can be done on a person in this modern age has been conducted. After 5 days in the hospital, Chris has been given a “perfect” bill of health(except for some slight damage from bp being so high) other than high blood pressure. After the first two nights of bp levels going down and staying at normal in the hospital, with each test performed, it would raise from pre-hypertension levels to 130/90 and every 3 or so hours would raise again to 140/98, 150/101 and so on. So even more tests were run on the kidneys(which came back clear) but they wanted to check for a disease or blockage that could be causing extra proteins. Anyway, the last 3 days in the hospital were consultations to find out all was ok and to attempt to regulate bp meds.

Today will make a week of being home-2 weeks with not working/ attempting to live life with less stress(how do you do that when you have been told to rest from work and you get paid each week only if you work?) We had changed our bad eating habits years ago, but are now learning how to cook/eat with little or no salt (to see if he has a sensitivity to salt)
So far bp levels have  steadily decreased and are staying at the level of a teenager! (his favorite has been, 110/75 for the past couple of days) Praise God!

Sure, no salt and reducing stress has its effects, but as you and i know faith and prayer changes everything, and no matter what God takes everything in our lives and for those that love Him with all heart, soul, mind, body etc., He will work it all for the good…

The high bp has caused some slight damage to his heart wall (thickening) and the nerologist has commented that in his brain there is evidence of high blood pressure damage, but the docs seem to think if his blood pressure is reversed and controlled that the damage can be maybe be halted and in essence reversed.

Important appts. Chris has coming up are, January 26th and January 29th to get a couple results that were not yet ready while in hospital.

We still believe in miracles for sure, especially since Chris had no previous symptoms-we had gone in Monday morning due to a cough left over from a cold(he had this for about 2 weeks or so-this led us to think he just needed some antibiotics to kick something bacterial)
Feels like i am writing a book, so i will stop rambling, please express our gratitude to all prayers, we also just received a monetary gift from someone at Radius-SC, it was dated for Jan.8th, once again, God had all in control, we went in on the 12th of January, this gift covered part of a week of work , therefore paying our water and electric bill! We are so blessed!
Chris keeps saying,”this is the first time in my life i am thankful for a cold…”

So folks, check your blood pressures regularly!

We love you all so much, keep pressing on!

January 18, 2009

On the 12th day of January…

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fear stared us in the face and God(our First Love) gave Peace!

Little did i know while i was typing this in an email reply to a friend Monday morning that i would need to hear her or anyone repeat these same words to me that very day and all through the week!

A friend from high school has a husband with some pretty serious heart health issues and she has been requesting prayer in recent weeks as they journey through some real rough times…in response to her request, this was placed on my heart:

“My dear friend , my heart is breaking that i can’t rush to the doc/hospital to be by your side…so many of you have been there for my family through some rough times…please know i am before the Father asking His will on your behalf and along side of you. i know He is washing over and through you with His Holy Spirit’s power, strength and comfort, take a deep breath and breathe His love and peace in, have “C” do the same and tell him we love you all so much. Do not be afraid He is with you even when it feels like He isn’t…He is. Remember He is the I AM of this and all your life situations. You and Chad may not be able to do much and feel helpless on what to do physically for his heart and body, but God’s letters to us tell us to “guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life with in you” i think that means spiritually to guard your soul/heart with prayer and faith, with praying scripture over yourselves…when you are weak and don’t feel like you know how to pray, have a close friend or friends to read scripture out loud over you, chad and the children. No matter what we love you and are there in Spirit and are praying scripture over your day(s) too. Hold on to our Jesus, He is worthy and He feels you are worthy of Him and His presence. I agree there is a plan, all will be as it should be…the enemy has nothing on our God!”
Hugs, love, hope and faith to you today and always.
Kristina,Chris, Connor and Cayden

**Warning** This will be a long post…

To all of our friends, family & partners in building God’s family/Kingdom,

There is much to be blogged about or maybe not, but one thing is for sure-we are part of something so much bigger then us…it isn’t just the Alford Crew, the Alford Crew and God…not just The Alford crew and Radius Tri-Cities nor Radius Church as a whole (in Greenville, Columbia and Lexington) No it isn’t that small even…we are part of the most beautiful masterpiece that human senses could ever take in behold…the family of the most High and only God of true Love. People were praying for us all over the world we now understand.

Chris, Connor, Cayden and I have experienced/received love and faith in a most pure and holy form this past week. We’re certainly not perfect at loving our neighbors and others, but have tried as best as we understood how through the years to pass on the Love that God covers us with every day. As tough as this week was, it is a worthwhile reminder that God and so many people love and care for us-that we are not alone in the world. My human emotions and body fails me at present to be able to place words to the gratitude, love, the peace and calm that Chris and I felt each day and night of our stay in the hospital hearing everything the doctors were guessing it was that caused this freeky blood pressure level!

As many of you know Monday morning around 11 a.m., Chris and Cayden went in to get checked for a bacterial infection and hopefully receive some antibiotics to kick the cold or whatever it was. Chris had the nasty cough on and off for about 2 1/2 weeks or so and Cayden had just started some of the same cold symptoms, so we thought it best to get on in to see a Doc. There are several other details that led up to this week, but for time sake and to not ramble i’ll just get to it. Urgent Care didn’t accept our insurance without a local TN. primary physician(our family doc is in Va.), just across the stateline, so they encouraged us to go to the ER at the local hospital. Upon arrival to the ER, temperatures, weight, height and blood pressures were recorded…at Chris’ turn the machine registered 286/190! The nurses went in a frenzy along with asking a list of questions, “are you dizzy, lightheaded, do you have blurred vision?“–“I feel fine“, Chris said, “other than you all are making me a bit nervous!“.In my minimal training of red cross first aid-nursing & dental assisting, we were taught to never “freak out” in front of the patient…when they did, i think Chris started to feel a bit on edge shall we say. Finally after the third attempt at taking the bp with three different machines, a nurse did it with a cuff and all by hand. This recording was 246/190! Cayden and Chris were taken back to acute care. At this time, Chris had NO symptoms whatsoever to reveal the high blood pressure, so he sat with me as we waited for he and Cayden to be checked out. The Doc came in asked a couple of questions and basically begged me to let Chris go back to Triage to speak with some professionals about what was going on(of course i was torn-in the sense i wanted both guys to stay with me, so i could stay informed)-“why couldn’t those docs come to Chris?”, i naively thought… we gave each other the look, him knowing i would be there asap then off he was. My heart almost lept from chest after him, but these sweet little brown eyes were watching me for a reaction as his little frame bounced around on the bed with his hotwheel car “vroom-vroomin“on the bed. Cayden checked out fine, just a little upper respiratory cold and no prescriptions were even given. So in about 5 minutes after Chris left us we were back beside him in the triage unit stroller, hotwheel car and all. I will never forget as they slammed the round enter button on the wall beside of us, two doors facing us bolted open and a huge medivac helipad with helicopter resting sat there staring at us(Cayden loved it! “Copter, Copter mimmy!” “lello copter!” he squealed)…fear began to dance in my face and then i just remember the doc saying, “your husband is in triage 3”. Cayden and i rolled back-Cayden fairly oblivious and no real care in the world other than the “where did Daddy go look on his face” . With my heart pounding in my own chest and with the head knowledge of previous training-i knew to be prepared to hear the worse…but something, someOne didn’t allow my thoughts to wander…Peace was mine, but for how long? Upon arriving we had to maneuver around the recent medivac helicopter passenger’s cut-off and bloody clothes lying on the floor to get to the area Chris was— only to find a very nervous nurse attempting to get a hep-lock for an iv to be started on Chris-she missed and blood went all over the floor. She looked at Chris, apologized and said i will have the other nurse come and do this, i am just not going to attempt again(She had just assisted with the patient that had taken a ride in the “lello-copter” outside.)

Chris i could tell was thinking, “whoa woman what are you on?”, but he was so gracious and was able to hold the queezy feeling that was rising from the pit of his stomach. I felt sorry for her and even more so for my man who was dealing with it.Then “A” the next nurse came in (i actually went to middle school and high school with her) placed the iv like a pro. From that point on in the T-unit, Chris gave those gals grief and teased them the whole time about how “H” needed to take lessons from “A” and so on. 🙂 Those ladies were so sweet, i witnessed some pretty sad and scary stuff in that unit. At this time Rachel and my mother arrived to get Cayden. That was only the beginning- a few hours into it the docs had placed Chris on a nitroglycerin drip to bring the bp down, it came down so smooth and in about an hour or so they began to “wean” his system off the nitro with some bp med on a drip as well. He needed to use the restroom and told me. I proceeded to get the nurse she gave me a urinal he was supposed to use in bed, but Chris had never been hospitalized so he didn’t know to remain seated! He made a leap out of the bed standing ready to be told where the bathroom was! Upon finishing with the bathroom scene he shared he was finished and shared he was “whoozy” i thought he was goofing off with the use of that Veggie Tale-“Madame Blueberry” word for dizzy! When i looked over he was not joking at all. I yelled for a nurses assistance and no one came! I have no clue where they all were. Thankfully he had the sense to get back on the bed, before he passed out, he began to vomit-because he was so dizzy then turned attempting to get better situated and lost balance on the bed and began to panic then choke/aspirate-this caused him to panic even more. He briefly lost air and passed out then woke up vomiting again this time the nurse was watching and ready. After that episode we got everything cleaned up and things as calm as it could be for the moment. Immediately the doc was concerned now for other reasons wondering if he had seized and felt we needed a ct scan of the brain. This was done very quickly. I wasn’t allowed in the scan rm, so i called three or four of Chris’ closest friends in ministry and ended up leaving crazy brief messages on their voice mails to please pray, no details because i had none, but to get people praying. As i left the final message the doors came open, they rolled my man out-then back to triage “room” 3-to wait…we waited and waited. Someone or a few someones were praying i knew, i/we felt it. Then around 3-4 hours later a friend/ministry partner, “J” came all the way in from over three hours away (one of the close friends mentioned earlier) to check on Chris! What a relief to see a familiar face…it felt like a battle was raging and someone had our back. He came just in time for Chris to be a little chatty, so they shared back and forth along with another friend who wanted to run in and check on Chris who was from RTC. We all stood there in a surreal moment. i personally was thinking, “when am i going to wake up, this feels like a horrible dream.” Blood pressure levels kept going down and stayed down enough for the docs to give the clear for Chris to go to Critical Care on the 2nd floor, we waited again as the hospital was packed and on top of that is under construction.

Almost 12 hours from arrival we were in CCU awaiting test results that wouldn’t come until morning. A woman whom i now believe could have easily been an angel was our nurse that night “S”. “S” not only cared for Chris, but checked on me and actually found a reclining chair so i didn’t have to leave Chris’ side. I believe i woke about every 30-45 minutes to look at the monitors and Chris’ chest to make sure all was functioning as it should. My heart and soul would leap when i could see 127/ 78 or 130/80 with pulse in the 70-80s and 18-20 respirations a minute and oxygen levels of 95 to 100%! His levels stayed like this all night…we both rested and felt a holy calm like no other, our God was present and his children all over had been dispatched to intercede we knew it and felt it…no words can roll off of my tongue to recount the feeling. You will all know the other side of Heaven just how priceless your prayers were and are…THANK YOU!

The next a.m. was a bit frustrating for Chris, because they put him on a clear liquid diet (this lasted 2 days). His bp levels then started creeping back up tp 140/90, 150/100, 165/113…His doc then put him back on some bp meds and attempted to keep the levels down that way. Then off he was for test after test—again. “CT” scans of abdomen, brain, chest. MRIs, Ultrasounds of heart and neck and kidneys…and so on. every test came back that he was perfectly healthy compared to the bp levels he was having. The Neurologist kind of balked and laughed at the results of the brain scans as there was no evidence of a seizure! Praise God! The lead cardiologist-“Dr. B” came in and said his heart checked out fine other than a small amount of thickening in one wall of his heart due the high bp levels (evidently this had been going on a bit un-noticed!) “Dr. B” also informed us that could possibly br reversed with time and keeping the bp down. Our nurses again in Critical Care were phenomenal! Every shift change i was a bit nervous wondering if all would be communicated correctly, but everyone was so professional yet so caring.

“Dr. B” then shared he had called a kidney specialist, “Dr Bu” several tests were ran again as they were basically ruling out various ailments Chris may or may not have. A few tests at this time are not yet back, as of right now we know he has some hypertension and definitely stress induced hypertension, but do not know any other reason why. Kidneys were checked with urine measurements and an angiogram, the angiogram came back that his atreries are clean and clear! Praise God again…

Finally it was to the 5th floor where Chris spent 2 nights of observation and bp levels monitored. Various bp meds were tested and by Friday evening we were home with 5 prescriptions! To go from no medication at all to 5 meds! Wow! Talk about rocking your world a bit…it did.

Chris was sore and tired, he couldn’t understand how you can walk in to a hospital visit only having a cough thinking you need some antibiotics to barely walking out of the hospital being so tired and sore! We arrived home to little Cayden running from Chris’ leg to my leg calling out names “mimmy, daddy!” back and forth revealing how much he truly missed us. Connor had the priceless teenager look of shaking of all coolness to hug his dad and his face shared how relieved he was to have Dad back! Saturday Chris taped a message of thanks it is on facebook, if you are not a member of facebook, it is a great way to stay in touch with present friends/family yet reconnect with old friends from years passed as well. (He is extremely tired in the video so please overlook that, he just was determined to share his gratitude for all blog/fb posts, emails, texts, calls and visits received) Also, thanks E and A for the meal last night and hugs of thanks to my Dad & Mom, “R”, and “S” for holding down and cleaning the fort while taking care of the kiddos for us! “J” at Radius SC, once shared a message about gratitude and saying thank you…the gist of it is when you say thank you to someone, you are in essence sharing your vulnerable side and admitting you need(ed) them. We need you, we all need one another! THANK YOU!

Specific prayer:

With a few tests still out he is scheduled for a follow-up of sorts on the 29th of January. Please pray that all tests come back in-conclusive again-that he is healthy and that his bp levels are under control enough-we’re trusting as “Doc. B” suggested that levels can be reversed in time with low sodium intake, more exercise and stress reducing activities…this leads to other prayer needs, he has been a bit stressed about missing work as he has been working construction part-time-if you don’t work, you don’t get paid…therefore while adjusting to meds etc., he may miss a total of 2-3 weeks. Most have had to cut back on personal support due to many suffering from stress our economy is under and changes it is making. Chris desires to continue to lead and labor here at Radius-TriCities, he has passion for this along with general church encouragement and start-ups in other areas of our country and the world. Other than the small amount he makes a week in construction we are supported only by a few individuals/ministry partners. We are ever so grateful that we qualified for temporary Tenncare insurance, most -we think all hospital needs will be met but we will be responsible for a few of the meds and getting a blood pressure monitor. For now i am taking his bp with the cuff the old fashioned way. We are encouraged that all our cares/needs are known by God and that He is working all things for good for us, we love Him so much and are in awe at the promises He has kept in our lifetime. His presence IS and was with us this past week. Your prayers and intercession on our behalf have been felt, thank you ahead of time for today’s prayers you lift on our behalf and should God grant us tomorrow, thank you for those too. Now we are getting used to a new normal and hoping to have questions answered in due time. So many people cope and sometimes correct high blood pressure, this is our hope, that is can be reversed and or controlled…preferably healed/reversed! It just feels like we have been tossed around a bit and that we’re a little off balance right now. I am relearning how to cook even more healthy than a few years back, never realized how much sodium our country eats! Well, just typing this has drained me a bit although it helped to omit some basic after trauma anxiety! So will discontinue the ramble i had hoped to not begin! LOL! 🙂 Hope this post helps to answer everyone’s questions of the story and various current needs we have.

Blessings, hugs, faith, hope and love be yours today and always,

Kristina for the Alford Crew-Chris, Connor and Cayden

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