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September 27, 2010

~Family Update~

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What is that Alford crew up to these days?

Chris is Senior Pastor at Litz Manor Baptist Church here in Tennessee, assisting as Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Agua de Vida, a Latino congregation in addition to coaching young church planters in various areas of the country & world! I get the privilege of cheering him on, sometimes assisting with these coaching adventures, I love wearing the “Stay at home Mom” hat…although we technically just sleep at home some weeks!

We actually took a family vacation for the first time in years! We went to Destin, Fla.-got to see our cousins, take in the beach-the Chris had business in Orlando with the SBC, so we got to tag along and sight see and play at the resort like pool the whole week-very relaxing for sure!

The boys are busy with school, sports, youth group and children’s group activities in the community. Connor is 15 aspiring musician and yes folks watch out, he is driving! Cayden is 3/will be 4 December 10, he has an official back seat driver permit (ask Connor)!  🙂

We recently made a trip to Mexico to scout out future mission trip projects for our missions team to be a part of. We were so blessed to get to take this trip. Our friend and Director of Missions for our local association, Dr. Dallas Bivins along with his awesome wife Becca arranged the trip and off we were!

My first ever trip “abroad”!Our hosts Bill and Renee Johnson

Bill and Renee’s hospitality was amazing! The ministry God is doing through them is so evident in their community!

Chris brain-stormed with the missions team in Tulum, he also spoke the sermon in Spanish at a local church plant in Playa del Carmen! The worship there was so sweet! The people in Mexico are so hospitable, we had an extraordinary week mixing work with pleasure! A few highlights are below:

Chris speaking in Playa del Carmen

a tiny little creature in a volcanic rock tidal pool on the shores of Cozumel

On mission with the Hills, the Johnsons and the Bivins!

Lighthouse Church worship time, Pastor Terry Hill moved with his dear wife Debbie  from Alaska to be missionaries here in Tulum!

What to do from here?

Work diligently where we are planted here in Tennessee, enjoy teaching the boys how to be on mission here in the USA, and point their boats toward the Lord and His direction for their life! In everything we do, we hope to honor Him, we are so grateful for these life burdens, what a privilege!

What is the burden of your life? Please share so we can partner with you and journey in expanding His Kingdom!

January 30, 2010

~Family Addition~

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Meet Princess Harley Alford!

She was born September 25, 2009!

We were able to bring her home around 8 weeks after that! 2 days after we moved into the new place we picked her up and the house has not been the same!

She is hilarious!

Connor and Cayden really wanted a puppy again so we thought we would look once we got to the new place, but we found out about Harley before we moved…The family that we got Harley from were more than willing to take care of her an extra bit until we moved into the new house- this was helpful…Maybe i should have gotten someone to help with little man Cayden while we moved…i might just have had more boxes unpacked by now, lol!

So here she is, i hope she feels loved and happy in her new family, we are happy she is here, even more happy she is taking to the training on how to be a good Alford more and more each day—jury is still out, we’ll keep you posted.

8 weeks old

Her favorite things thus far: Jumping, kissing anyone, but especially Cayden and Connor, jumping, chasing the ball in the pic above, jumping, tugging and chewing, did i mention jumping?

June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my man!

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I love you Chris Alford!

A little while ago you made your debut!

God was telling your parents, “I love you”

Tiny you were as you came so early

In heart and might tiny you were not, surely

God knew it then and He knows it now

although i will never understand how-

He was designing you for people like me here on earth

although only through His son i am of any worth

to share in His creation

In His perfect image i find a heart and soul so kind

He made you for His glory,

-somehow in all that He chose to also make you mine!

On that day a little while ago, I wonder at the delight He must have known-

to make you as you are then let go and get to watch you grow.

The man you have become makes me desire to be closer to Him, to be a better woman, a better mother, wife and friend.

to show my gratitude to Him for sharing you with me…

i hope He allows me the joy of wishing you Happy Birthday for eternity!” ~Kristina A.

I love this journey we're on! So glad you were born and still with us! (photo thanks to LucasBrownDesign)

March 17, 2009

~Congrats to Radius!~

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Just a quick shout out to the St. Patty’s Day Parade of Columbia, South Carolina Spirit Award Winners!!!

The Alford Crew loves and misses you guys!

March 13, 2009


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Jill Blashack Strahan is the founder and CEO of Tastefully Simple. Many of you know i am an independent consultant with Tastefully Simple Gourmet Food. I am thoroughly enjoying building my business from home, this means all the time needed for our family is available to me! Love this!

Anyway, i just wanted to announce that Jill Blashack Strahan has released the news that she is available for speaking engagements as  a professional motivational speaker.  Her story is inspiring and everything i have ever heard her reflect or speak on is encouraging, life changing-very motivating!  If you know of any organization that might be interested in hiring Jill to speak, please go to to check out all the information.  Tastefully Simple is one of the few businesses out there that is debt free (a topic close to our family’s heart), it is important to hear what she has to say about business, family, goals, faith.  There is a clip of Jill in action that can be viewed or ordered in DVD format.


also, if you are praying about owning your own business:

Check out Tastefully Simple’s new video
E-mail be back and tell me what you think!!!!!
or click on my website ( and join!
Anyone in any state can start their own business, would you be a part of my  team? If you are very interested, please contact me for details!
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