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February 8, 2011

~it’s winter time~

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It is that time of year again, Winter! I’m a beach bum so much that if i could ask the Lord to place our home in Heaven on the beach there i just might, however since i was a little girl something about a good snow fall speaks to me! It is said no snowflake is identical to another…wow! I love how right after a snow storm that occurs in the middle of the night or early morning hours there is a silence, not an animal seems to be stirring. A soothing peace is the only whisper as imperfect landscape is hidden in snow if even for a few hours until the sun kisses the air with its warmth. Something about this calms my own soul, it gives me hope about my imperfections being covered by Jesus’ love and obedience on the cross.

We have had more snow here this year than what we have had recent years, i must say it has been beautiful though a bit crazy seeing how the children have been out of school so much! 2010 is gone and we are well into 2011 now! But here are a few pics from our winter!

Alford Family December 2010

in front of “Maggie” our Magnolia tree




and of course…snow angels!


As God allows us each new day, we are growing closer to him as individuals and closer to each other as a family.  I pray we will be given many years as a family to grow and be challenged, to share fun times amidst the everyday struggles that some families go through…maybe just maybe we will learn how to seize the day, the moments in time when our souls are open to God’s beauty and His friendship. Whether we dance with Him in the garden while full of roses in bloom with birds perched viewing our meeting on a tree’s branch, or walk on a path covered in soft blanket of white silent snowflakes-He is 100% present and longing for us to want to be with Him. I’m so thankful for his blessings that are many and unique like the snow flakes in our 1.6 acre winter wonderland…I am in wonder and awe of Him!

It’s winter time and cold, but my soul is warm and cozy in His presence.

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