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January 30, 2010

~Family Addition~

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Meet Princess Harley Alford!

She was born September 25, 2009!

We were able to bring her home around 8 weeks after that! 2 days after we moved into the new place we picked her up and the house has not been the same!

She is hilarious!

Connor and Cayden really wanted a puppy again so we thought we would look once we got to the new place, but we found out about Harley before we moved…The family that we got Harley from were more than willing to take care of her an extra bit until we moved into the new house- this was helpful…Maybe i should have gotten someone to help with little man Cayden while we moved…i might just have had more boxes unpacked by now, lol!

So here she is, i hope she feels loved and happy in her new family, we are happy she is here, even more happy she is taking to the training on how to be a good Alford more and more each day—jury is still out, we’ll keep you posted.

8 weeks old

Her favorite things thus far: Jumping, kissing anyone, but especially Cayden and Connor, jumping, chasing the ball in the pic above, jumping, tugging and chewing, did i mention jumping?

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