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December 16, 2009

~Oh the places you’ll go…~

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Some dear friends of ours own Anglen Photography all pictures in this post are their awesome gift and talent reflected.

As you know our family is not and has never been perfect although we are all meant for and perfect for each other! So if a person or photographer can catch us looking decent or make us look like a piece of art then they are gifted! Thanks Ross and Rachel! (check them out) The premier place in Tennessee to go for any life event you need captured and made timeless!

I would like to think everyone knows of Dr, Seuss and his awesome books of rhyme…one of our favorites is Oh the Places You’ll Go”

When i look at our boys/young men, i get so excited for them! In the same moment i usually cry as Chris and i have experienced so many places together that have brought much joy along with some sad times that often hurt and left scars.  All of these times good and difficult have revealed a way to have a deeper friendship with God, others, one another-including a joy like no other.

So here are the boys, i pray they will go further than we ever have and pray even more that we will have equipped them for their journey.

Connor-age 14…can you believe it?

Cayden-age 2…love him, adore his smile too. He and his big brother with their smiles, make us smile!

Please remember our family in thought and prayer. We are praising God for so many things He has brought us through this past year…It is awesome to have a picture with all four of us present! Chris is doing great. He took some time off of all his adventures, has realized he is mortal, but serves a God that all things are possible with. We have seen marriages healed, people come to know the Lord, folks back in fellowship with local churches and physical and spiritual healing for several in various countries over the past two years of ministry here in TN. and abroad, BUT we definitely know that Jesus gets ALL credit for anything good that has happened here! We were just privileged to observe it happen and journey alongside of the folks involved.

“Call to me and i will answer you and tell you great and unreachable things you do not know.” (Jer. 33:3 NIV)

God was talking to Jeremiah while he was confined in a courtyard…just like we are on this earth…confined…but only briefly. We need to continue to call on Him and allow Him to rule in us, allow Him to define us…allow Him to do the impossible and unreachable things through us, not in our own strength.

If we do this…oh the places we’ll go!

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