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June 28, 2009


Filed under: wandering/questions of the heart... — Kristina @ 1:04 pm

My hubby uses the word ponder a lot…A LOT. He does, ponder that is. He can sit so still and think, pray, listen to someone for the longest time. He can weigh a situation and normally come out of it with such grace and insight, wisdom…i love how He hears from the One who loves us so much. In conversation we have had before he has shared sometimes we Christ followers tend to talk and request so much of our God that we fail to just be quiet and listen.  I am learning how to do more of the listening as he mentioned. Something else that has been very educational for me lately has been to request that He (God) tell me what and who to pray for–that it not be about me always…

So i have been pondering about idleness and busy-ness.  How much of each do i do and what am i contributing if anything to life in the Kingdom?

Do i take life too seriously?

Am i subversive enough?

What do i mean by subversive?

Do i care too much about what others think?

How much time do i sit and share little details about my life (as if peeps really wish to know about my life)?

How much of that time could be used better elsewhere?


ponder, ponder, ponder…maybe that is better than wandering around always trying to figure out what or where is next…maybe this is part of the be still and know I’m God part we are to ponder.

pondering yet again…

Do you ponder or wander?

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