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April 6, 2009

~faith of a child~

Filed under: Prayer — Kristina @ 11:15 am


Somewhere along the way, someone or something told me to grow up…i don’t quite grasp the balance of “growing up” yet—keeping faith and mind set of a child, however, You made me.  I’m figuring You will lead me in this.

You have revealed more of Your character to me in recent weeks and months. There have been times when my heart has been so heavy…in my head i knew You were there yet You felt so distant in feeling. Verses came to mind a few old hymns and songs came to mind, i thought You were just being silent, maybe upset w/ me for something…

While searching my heart and soul over- there was some selfishness, some frustration with others when i shouldn’t have been frustrated with them, some aggravation in life appearing like there wasn’t enough to make ends meet. I remember crying, saying, “i can’t nor do i want to go on w/out feeling You strongly… i can’t live in this world w/out You!”

There You were and are…

I remember thinking and even telling You, that i want you to say “Well done”. I can’t…furthermore… won’t be a difference with out You. To walk with you, that is the key, not to run ahead or to lull behind—I need you, yes i said it as all of us here on earth deep down everyone knows there is a need of You.

Here You are…

Now all that is left is to follow through…to hold Your hand and walk…just as i am teaching our little guy to look both ways when we cross a path or street—to walk with one of us…(funny thing) he still has no fear, just faith that because i am holding his little hand we will cross safely. Please hold my hand and don’t let go.

You don’t let go-through the calm or through the storm. You hold strong and steadfast in the valley of the shadow of death-in the highs and the lows…You are ever so good and present in my situation.

Opening up and allowing myself to feel that again is empowering, i can walk with You across any street, sea or mountain w/no fear, we will cross safely. I am looking both ways, but more importantly holding on, waiting for Your lead to go or stay-holding on-faith expanded a bit more until You see fit to grow it once again.  Daddy, I love You.

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