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December 18, 2008

~December 16

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~Be the difference

We must believe in our ability to have an effect on everyone around us. Every act of care and or love we do or even our negative acts make a difference in those around us.

We have soldiers who are single and have no real family to speak of, we have orphans (yes orphans in the US), we have senior citizens who have family that either can’t make it to see them in the assisted living home or don’t care to come see them…From emergency room workers, firefighters, to policeman, to EMT staff who have to work overtime during the holidays especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The challenge today is to think of a way you can encourage these workers at Christmas. For instance, take some hot chocolate and goodies to the local fire station or find our from our awesome policeman what the force needs to function properly (some fire/security departments are volunteer and and lack the equipment needed— like bullet proof vests, hats, gloves, stuffed toys for when they have a call and children are involved) find a way to donate a few item-ask them their needs and rally the community together to BE THE DIFFERENCE!

This is the theme for TAP (The Americas Project) in the US chapters this year, during the holidays this year and next we will make deliveries of the items mentioned above. Wanna be the difference with us? Post a comment on this blog and get us your email address or a phone # you can be reached at.

So many of you friends, family and contributors to our work and ministry have mad such a difference in our lives–without each of you, we wouldn’t be where we are on our journey.

Thank you for all you do and are to be the difference…to have that positive effect on everyone around you.


Matthew 2:14

When Joseph woke, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.

What a sacrifice to be the difference Joseph was an awesome example of doing what it takes, even when it probably wasn’t so comfortable and easy…i don’t know about you, but i don’t like to lose my sleep! Yet Joseph knew he had to obey and wanted to. When we want something bad enough we’ll do whatever it takes whether everyone else wants to be on board or not. This has really spoke to me and how lazy i get sometimes…i say i want something yet sometimes i give up so easy. Don’t give up! Keep pressing on, make a plan and stick with it…Guard your heart and just do and be what you are designed to be…

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