The Alford Crew

September 3, 2008

~Alford update~

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If you check out other posts on this blog, you will be able to see more pics of the Alford Crew, so this is just a general update to keep you informed.

~Chris is still coaching businesses and churches while raising funds to support our “missions habit” ;-

~Returned from Peru in April-an awesome trip for TAP!

~He is currently looking for new contracts, so please pray specifically about that and please pass along his contact information if you feel so led to business or church start ups. In the midst of all this, he has been asked to speak on the topic ofleadership at a local college. A few others have approached him about speaking, so he may see if that is something that fits for the family. It wouldn’t bother me and i think it is a niche he has. (

Connor is a full time student-8th Grade- doing well so far in all subjects…hope that lasts throughout the year ahead! He is making friends and has been accepted to a traveling competitive soccer team for our city! Mama is so proud of him if ya can’t tell! His coaches are awesome and all the families involved are great!

the team after the tournament

Several of you have asked recently how you can pray specifically for us so here goes—

As a family, we need prayer for protection, health, finances (salary-insurance)…Chris’ current coaching position is changing so things are uncertain there in a way. God is a good God, He doesn’t always play “safe” as we humans sometimes define it, for this i am grateful yet at times i feel so stretched.

Remember Connor and his mission V2R (Vision to Reality—youth for Christ), also, his mission field of school and the competitive soccer team.

Cayden continued health and prayer to get through the big separation anxiety phase…some how Connor skipped this stage!!!!!! Cayden will be starting a Parent’s Day Out group after Labor Day we think this will be a blessing to Cayden and me–

Please pray that Chris will not get overwhelmed with all he has on his plate, but that he will keep pressing toward the mark. Pray that i will have energy to edify and honor Chris, to remember who i am in Christ and remember it is right and perfect for me to minister to my family first-even though i see so many other needs for others. A house, if it is what God wants. Our lease is up in December here…we hope the owners will then allow us to go month to month as our funding grows and we save more for a house.

There are leaders in each area of the tri cities here that could use prayer…for wisdom and strength, long suffering, new evangelistic (or extension) ideas tailored for this area. We are realizing more and more that there is a lot of “church hurt” healing needs to go on for some here in our neighborhoods and for some who are checking out Radius Tri Cities.

radius in the theater

nursery time w/Rick, Patti and Connor

Chris has done a great job of setting up and letting go of control— allowing others who are gifted to step up to the plate and just go with it. So now he is in a Pastor mode for those leaders and their wives, but also seeking out a new band of brothers here and in other areas of the Americas to lead, equip and release. He amazes me at how focused and determined he is to obey God’s call for him in being more missional (and i don’t mean overseas mission definition, i mean everyday living for God on purpose and how that relates to our culture today)-more Christ’s character just flows out of him. Obviously he is still human, but Chris is really coming into a rythym of grace, this brings to me a desire to be a better follower of Christ, a better wife, mom and friend.

Our TAP missions team is doing well, some are raising support so we are praying for Dad to continue to open and release from His storehouse of treasure to fund this call and passion. Momentum is starting now that the guys went to Peru, so we think Rick and Patti (one of the missions couples) will be headed out again for another short term trip-hopefully by January. Check out our TAP website for more info., also on this blog there is an entry called ~A Difference Maker~

*******Thank yous!*******

Our faithful financial and prayer partners that we know of in SC, TN, WA, OK, NC, VA, NY,FL, Chile, Peru, Venezuela~

We currently have about 33% of the moolah we need for our trips, church plants, etc. to Peru, Venezuela and Chile. In North America we are praying for a couple of areas in SC, FLA, TN and more. We have potential trips to Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala in the next few years. We would love for you to come with us or be a difference maker just by partnering with us.


We desire funding for future mission trips and church plants in North, Central and South America.

Always need prayer

More team members for Radius Tri-Cities, Radius South Carolina, Frazee Center in SC.

A house ?-? lease is up in December

There is so much to share. Please email or call to share your stories when you can. We will do the same as it may just be how God puffs air under all of our wings to keep pressing on for Him.

If you are new to this blog and our family or if you are just now able and feel called to contribute/partner with us in ministry, email us an we’ll get you plugged in to the adventure! What a difference we can make!

Hugs to all who happen upon this entry…

Kristina for the Alford Crew

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  1. Blessings to you and yours…
    so glad our paths have crossed. Peace..

    Comment by angiebledsoe — September 17, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

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