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August 14, 2008

Please Pray…

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Our family is privileged to know and be friends with a couple, Michael and Carla. We met at Radius Church in Columbia/Lexington, SC. Michael at the time was being shipped out overseas and Carla would be at home with out him. Since Chris was military when we first married, i could kind of relate with Carla and things that she may be feeling and have to go through in Michael’s absence…so i hoped to get to know her and encourage her during His time away. I’ll never forget how inspired i was to hear Michael get up in front of everyone on a Sunday morning and share his testimony and passion for the men and women he would be serving with in the war…he considered it to be his own personal call to the mission field! Carla was so supportive and God gave her strength through it all, Michael came home and ended up having to serve one other time, and yet again was brave through and through…again, i was so challenged personally just being in their presence. I remember my goal was to be there for her, to lift her up…it turned out that she blessed me! A special friendship was born I would point Michael out to Connor our oldest son and share how he was a man that God had placed for him and other men to watch and take notes from…and Carla was a lady he should observe as he searches for a Christ following woman…Chris and i will do that from time to time to encourage Connor in growing in his journey with God. We believe Connor needs to respect and pay attention to other men who are living out the same values that we have so that we aren’t his only mentors and friends to look to and share life’s struggles and joys with.

Anyway, Michael and Carla were part of the reason Radius ever began and took off in SC., and their support for Chris and i as we were sent out by God to plant Radius in Tennessee was phenomenal. Carla and i have stayed in touch, but not near as much as either of us would have wished. We actually thought our kids would grow up together… She is one of those gals if you don’t speak to her in a month, you just pick up where ya left off the last time with out skipping a beat…Our family has been so grateful for their friendship first, especially their prayers for our family and support Radius in general–they understand vision for God’s Kingdom to grow…

i am writing now as there hasn’t been time to blog since we received request to pray and have other prayer warriors to pray yesterday that Carla had been taken to the emergency room due to passing out…and long story short, she had turned for the worse and was on a ventilator etc., i can’t tell you how shocking this is for everyone, but please pray for this family. I know they know our awesome God and i know they are leaning on Him, but i ask you to pray for strength and peace that God promises as before i could publish this, i received an unwanted phone call that Carla just went home to Heaven…

Our hearts are heavy and i can’t type anymore right now, please just lift this family and trust God to shelter Michael and their sweet daughter with their precious family under the shadow of His wings.

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